Exit Strategies

Market Valuation


Sophisticated Investors view the 3-5 year Exit Planning as Fundamental to a Company's Market Value. We help determine and document Market Value, and Reverse Engineer ROI from various BDS Global Capital Monetized Instruments. RESULT: An investor can then examine the business metrics and make a better informed selection in your company!

Transition Planning


Planning to pass along a business is a challenge to any Family owned and operated company. Most important is the preservation of wealth. BDS Global Capital can show several business structures, which significantly fortify the process of wealth transfer. Call us to discuss.  

Mid-Market Exit


If you are managing the Exit of a Mid-Market Company, relationships to Wall Street are critical. Our Network of Finance Professionals can connect you to the exact right people to transact a well orchestrated Mid-Market Buy-Out, IPO, Franchise, or Merger Opportunity. 



In the pursuit of Higher Revenues and Expanded Profits, and after one's core market is saturated, commoditized, or otherwise run it's course,  it makes GREAT sense to grow through Business Acquisition. We have access to Acquisition Capital for the right way to Bolt-On New Cash-Flow Streams and add tremendous value to your next level in business! Call us to find out how!



In today's global market, Synergies between companies can add tremendous strength and value to product and service delivery. Our network of M&A Specialists are World-Wide. Our clients represent this Forum of Mid-Market Mergers and Acquisitions. Please call if you want to get acquainted.



Our Legal Teams will help take your company public on any number of exchanges throughout the globe. Whether Nasdaq, NYSE, Nikkei, Tsx, or just OTC, we can put the packet in motion. Please call for details!