Business Performance Improvement

A Solution Based Approach


BDS Global was born from the underlying principles, which when applied correctly...

Create business Break-Through Results!!!


Each area is coached through an Evolutionary Process,

which Increases Revenue

Decreases or Eliminates Inefficiencies, 

Captures Market Share, 

and Assures Systems of Accountability! 


Specific & Measurable Results Delivered: 

1. Assess Your Core Business / Clarity and Traction = Profit

2. Create the Proper Markers and KPI’s / Establish Systems of Accountability

3. Hyper-Accelerate Revenues / Understand the concept of Leverage

4. Capture Market Share / Go To Market Strategies

5. Create World-Class Leadership Alignment (LEAD WITH PURPOSE)

6. Organize Your Teams / Communication / Workflow (EOS)

7. Deliver Compelling Language / Storytelling / Enrollment / Sales

8. Understand Your Audience and Where You Fit / Market Research / SWOT

9. Differentiate Your Products and Services

10. Articulate Your Brand Strategy / Unlock Value

11. Reduce Expenses / Financial Audit

12. Reduce Operational Inefficiencies / Lean / Six-Sigma/ ISO

Business Acceleration is not just something we teach, but specific and measurable results delivered throughout your company! 

It is our process! It's what we do!

Facilitated by Bennett Marks, MBA,  (808) 230-3844, 

Mr. Marks has taken this concept to both Mid-Market and Enterprise level clients around the Pacific Rim, 

helping companies to Drive Growth Potential and Establish Enterprise Value.  

In 2005, the concept of "Business Breakthrough," found in the book, was launched in Seattle, Washington. Mr. Marks eventually delivered the program to thousands of business people around the globe ranging from Singapore to Hong Kong, Honolulu, San Francisco, and Southern California. This business represents connective resources around the Pacific Rim, up and down the West Coast, and throughout the globe.

BDS Global, "Straight Up Rocket Fuel For Your Business." 

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