Bennett Marks, MBA

Bennett Marks, MBA, Managing Director

Beyond Rainmaker, and his vast network of business resources, Bennett Marks is a powerful motivator, master level business consultant, branding & differentiation expert, and executive coach. 

Mr. Marks has helped thousands to produce breakthrough results since 1989! He has developed a number of programs, which help people gain deeper insight about their own capabilities, strengthen relationships, become solid leaders, and effectively manage change. He hosted and produced one of Seattle's hit radio shows, Empowerment Radio, featuring content experts from all over the globe. Mr. Marks is the author of two books and hundreds of other specialty applications of leadership, organizational design, go-to-market strategies, and other business models.    

Professional Background Mr. Marks is a Professional Speaker, Author, Business Consultant, and Executive Coach. His book, "Launching Your Dreams, A Practical Guide To Starting A Business And Getting Funded,” contains the foundational principles for Jump Start, a business development program Mr. Marks has used to help thousands of people start new businesses and hyper-accelerate existing businesses since 1998. His second body of work, Life By Design Leadership teaches the fundamentals of interpersonal transformation and goes along with his book, Perspectives, Creating a Vision of Your Ultimate Life.   Mr. Marks has an impressive track record in the ranks of the corporate world. He started at The Chase Manhattan Bank in 1989 and worked his way up, leading huge sales teams at Tech Data Corporation during the mid-90’s and eventually, national sales at Level 3 Communications. In 1999, he established his own consultancy in Southern California and went on to lead training events for the Fluor Daniel Global Leadership Conference, Xerox Corporation, J.D. Edwards, Westin Hotels, and Mazda to name just a few. His experience at these fortune level companies now puts him in high demand as a catalyst for change.    Mr. Marks served as a guest lecturer at three universities with an Adjunct role in Business Ethics and Law, and Fundamental Psychology. He is Alumni of the University of Wisconsin and National Louis University, having earned a Bachelors in Business Management (Emphasis: Organizational Development) and an MBA from Walden University in 2010. He served in the United States Armed Forces from 1986 through 1992.    

Business Analytics & Performance Improvement

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Business Development 

Jump-Start Business Development

"From Bar Room Napkin to Boardroom Table"

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Lead With Purpose, EOS

The Corporate Advantage - Business Planning & Research

Capital Acquisition - Ecosystem of Several Thousand Lenders

Master Level Exit Strategy (EPI), Succession Planning

Executive Coaching, Systems Design, Project Planning Information Technology Design and Implementation

Principal Based Leadership 

Life By Design Leadership

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Triple Bottom Line (3BL) Leadership

Managing Though Excellence Program

Sales and Strategic Marketing

Sales Excellence, The Special Advantage, Branding 101   Developing Your Marketing Strategy

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Interpersonal Development

Life by Design Leadership Coaching

The Way of the Purposeful Being - Self-Mastery

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